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Fanvid :: Dean/Cas :: Illusion (Please Don't Go)

Title: Illusion (Please Don’t Go)
Pairing: Dean/Castiel
Song: Illusion by VNV Nation
Length: 04:47
Genre: Romance/Schmoop/LOTS of Angst
Spoilers/Warnings: Spoilers for 7x01 and 7x02, violence, suggested character death

Summary: Sometimes the memories are worth the pain. This is a retelling of before and during season 7 (up to episode 2), could be viewed as a ‘fix-it’ video for the events that happen.

Download: (link coming soon)

*wipes off dust* Not been updating as muchrecently. But it's awesome to be back in the fandom!!
Apparently I just love to wallow in the angst that is season 7.

Tags: destiel, fanvid, fanvid: supernatural, iconmaker: mizzybox

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