destiel, you mean that much to me

Dum-di-dum... Request time! :D

I blame it on being ill *wheezes and coughs* but  I don't know what to icon. Despite being a girl, I think I've gone and caught the man flu, cos this cold sucks!. :(

I would prefer it if you give me images, (high or medium quality, please) and/or a link to a gallery. If not, just the fandom name shall do.  As many images or fandoms as you like - I can’t guarantee I’ll do them all, but a choice is always awesome! If the images need an artist credit etc. please could you supply it in the comment.

-  Fandom(s):
-  Images and / or gallery:

destiel, you mean that much to me

74 Multi Fandom Icons

.024   Death Note
.016   Bleach
.009   FF7 Advent Children
.005   Smallville
.004   Dexter
.006   The Mighty Boosh
.002   Supernatural
.008   True Blood

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credit mizzybox, please
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destiel, you mean that much to me

MultiFandom Icon Post

*Pops head in* Why hellu thar, it's been a while aint it? My haitus lasted a tad longer than I thought, so thats my excuse if these icons aren't up to scracth - I'm feeling very rusty atm!! Anyway, I'm back for good now, and it's about time I gave this journal some TLC.  I will update next time with a larger post..  Please comment if you take yada yada, plus it makes me feel happy and all gooey inside and such lol.


.015   Bleach
.009   Harry Potter (Harry/Hermione)
.005   Queer As Folk
.006   Supernatural (Actors)
.009   True Blood

Larger Graphics   (could be used for profiles, perhaps? I thought they looked prettier large than in the icons)
.002   Harry Potter (Harry/Hermione)
.002 Queer As Folk

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

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credit mizzybox, please
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destiel, you mean that much to me

pops head in...

Hi there guys! ive been on a rather long hiatus, for er, a bit *scratches head* but I'm really happy tp say I'm finally back and feeling so much better. I got a batch of icons to poast up soonish. But before I do,

any requests? Any pictures/suggestions welcome..

Oh and if there are any bleach fans out there, I will love, love you forever if you have any pictures or suggestions!!

[MISC] Trainspotting
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Hey sorry for my complete lack of contribution towards this community over the last 6 months or so. My interest in Icon making has been waning for some time now, and my social life has recently become completely consuming leaving me with no time for icon making.
So I've decided to leave the community, rather than continue to be part of this community without actually contributing anything to it, as I just do not see myself making any icons any time soon.
I wish the other makers the best of luck, and thank mizzybox once again for the opportunity to be part of this community.

See you round :),
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ummm sorry

hi guys, sorry about being gone for so long. i'm just dumping these out here because they've been sitting on my computer for ages (since june, to be exact). i also can't predict when i'll be posting next, since i've been neglecting lj recently because of the ever-popular 'real life' excuse. ummm anyways, here are the icons.

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